How can I get the best products without the headache of dealing with numerous vendors?

You need a turn-key benefit program from one provider like us. Our administration services simplify benefit program. WE keep the records. WE send you on invoice. WE pay the carriers. WE answer the phones and handle employee’s questions.

You get to resources back to focus on running your business!

How are we different than an enrollment company?

Traditionally enrollment companies are project oriented. They are available during the enrollment period to take application.

Our approach is a partnership. Yes, we will handle your annual education and enrollment needs; however, we also are there throughout the year to answer benefit questions, welcome new hires, and handle your back office needs.

Is benefit education really that important?

Absolutely: The truth is that your group has a benefit program to assist employees with making insurance decisions that are going to protect their future. The problem is proper education is time consuming. Letting us handle your employee education allows you to be the hero without having to do the grunt work.

Why should our group offer a wide array of benefit options?

Years ago folks had their own agent that came to their home to help with insurance and retirement planning. Today, individuals often only get insurance and financial protection through their employer or through a group affiliation. By offering both core and voluntary benefits coupled with benefit education, you can ensure that employees have the options and knowledge they need to protect themselves. Trust us, they will appreciate it.

I have a tool to help me with billing, but no time to use it. What do I do?

The key to benefit administration is Service…not just software. Some choose to solve administration problems with new software or online tools. We love technology, but we know that access to great tools does not reduce the administrative burden and eliminate the need for experienced staff.

What could I accomplish with the time I save by outsourcing billing?

The average HR employee spends 4 Hours a week doing billing tasks like reconciling bills, making database adjustments, producing checks, and answering billing questions. With 4 hours a week you could start a new initiative or just have the time to polish current projects. Better yet with an extra 4 hours a week you could get in a round of golf or take longer lunch breaks. You didn’t hear that from us though.

We can get you these 4 extra hours a week because…WE reconcile premium, WE interface with your benefit vendors, WE notify you of discrepancies, and WE work with your broker to provide customer care.