Estate Taxes for 2013 and Beyond

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  The dust has finally settled – for the moment. And Congress has stabilized the estate tax situation, which has been in a state of uncertainty since the so-called “Bush Tax Cuts” formally expired in 2010. The deal is this: The worst-case scenario in which all estates north of $1 million would have been hit with a confiscatory 55 percent tax on the excess was averted. That’s great news for anyone with a good sized home, a small business or family farm and/or a decent-sized retirement fund. Instead, lawmakers came up with a top tax rate on estates of 35 percent,...

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Gauging the Sequester’s Impact: Where and how soon might the cuts be made?

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    As there was no last-minute agreement between Congress and the White House to postpone federal budget cuts scheduled to take effect March 1, the ax now falls. Unless a bipartisan effort somehow undoes them, assorted federal government agencies will have their budgets reduced by $85 billion between now and October 1, as the initial step in a planned $1.2 trillion deficit trimming over the next ten years. (The belt-tightening could have been more severe: without January’s fiscal cliff deal, it would have been $109 billion.)1,2 What gets cut? Broadly speaking, defense programs...

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Electronic Medical Records – A Mixed Blessing

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  We had great hopes. A series of revolutions in data management and processing in the 1990s and 2000s were combining to make huge reams of data cheaper and easier to store and manipulate than ever. Everything from scanners to bar codes to easy electronic data transmission to specialized software and even Windows seemed to promise to make it much easier to handle patient medical records – and more accurate in the process. The potential for human error, argued advocates of automation, would be greatly reduced or even eliminated, depending on the process. It sounded great back when Bill...

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Employers Responding to the Lure of Private Health Insurance Exchanges

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  Large companies are increasingly exploring the use of private health insurance exchanges as a means of controlling costs, according to a number of HR industry observers. Under a private insurance exchange arrangement, an employer privately contracts with one or more insurance carriers, each competing for the business by discounting insurance premiums for members of the group. In turn, the employer then provides each employee with a certain number of dollars with which they can buy coverage listed on the private exchange. This arrangement may offer some large employers the twin benefits of...

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CBG Speaks with Small Businesses about Healthcare Reform

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Chad Troutman, CBG’s Dir. of Marketing, spoke during the Small Business Summit hosted by the Birmingham Business Journal in Birmingham recently. He had the opportunity the help over 300 business and individuals gain a better understanding of how they should prepare for the changes Healthcare Reform brings. With so much confusion surrounding the implications of Healthcare Reform, his clear and interactive approach to the subject was well received by attendees. CBG and Chad appreciate everything small businesses do to help grow our community, and are thankful for the chance to...

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