Group Personal Liability Umbrella: the Perfect Benefit for Highly Paid Partners and Employees

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  If your firm is looking to hire, keep, or just looking to financially protect your highly paid partners, employees or members, a group personal liability umbrella is something to seriously consider.  This is no different than having each individual get his/her own personal liability insurance, but it is for groups and is paid for by the business. The group personal liability umbrella may also be purchased by non-profits for their members as well as by a group of family members. Sophisticated and highly paid individuals know the value of this coverage.  They need to protect themselves...

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What Happens When a Business Partner Dies?

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Jake and Randy, two close friends, went into business together as young men. Recently out of college, they got together and formed a partnership distributing aircraft parts to small plane mechanics. Soon they formed a corporation, each with 50 percent of the business. Each man attended the other’s wedding. The business was prospering. Then Randy died in a car accident at the age of 45. What happened then happens at too many small businesses. Both families had most of their net worth tied up in their small business. When Randy died, though, his 50 percent interest in the company...

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Health Insurance Exchange Programs Paired with DC Plans

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Employers’ desires to limit health insurance costs and the new federal health care reform legislation are both contributing factors in the increased interest of private health insurance exchanges and defined contribution benefit plans. Recent research revealed this finding. The report notes that reforms to the insurance market and rising costs for medical care have resulted in a heightened interest in placing limitations on health care cost exposure for employers. This is especially true of the health insurance exchange structure, which was defined in the 2010 Patient Protection and...

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Three Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

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Many consumers are hesitant to purchase coverage because of premium hikes applied to long-term care insurance and the disappearance of several trusted insurers from the market. However, the need for coverage remains. Recent research shows that the median cost of a private room in a nursing home exceeds $75,000. In addition to this, nursing home room rates are increasing by about 5 percent each year. Home care with 24-hour service calls is even more expensive. Not all individuals qualify for long-term care coverage. There are also people who simply do not want to buy the coverage. However,...

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Long-Term Care Insurance in the Corporate Market -Why Should I Offer This Coverage to My Employees?

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There’s no getting away from it: long-term care insurance is one of the most talked about benefits options in the employment market and probably one with the least corporate acceptance. After all, it’s an easy benefit to ignore. Many employers just don’t see the point of adopting it, believing that most employees won’t need long-term care until they’ve retired. Employers feel they’re fulfilling their obligations by offering other benefits. Long-term care insurance is one of the fastest growing benefits and one that is fuelling intense consumer interest as...

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Discover our Most Popular Life Insurance Product

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Top Five Things to Know About LifeTime Benefit Term Life Insurance: LifeTime Benefit Term life insurance is a “Permanent Term” product. Coverage is guaranteed through age 120. Provides paid-up death benefit values beginning after only five years. Available Guaranteed Issue for qualified groups. Automatically includes a Long Term Care Benefit. Coverage is...

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