What Consumers Need to Know to Save Money On Prescription Drugs

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  Research shows that Americans spent more than $750 upfront for prescription medications in 2012. A survey of both insured and uninsured individuals who regularly took prescription medications showed that the average person spent more than $1,200 out of pocket in the span of one year. After analyzing the results of their study, researchers agreed that the best way for people to save money today is to shop around. Their team of secret shoppers contacted over 200 different pharmacies in the United States to inquire about prices for monthly supplies. When asking companies about prices, they...

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How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Health Plan Scam

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  Fake health plans are appearing more often. The people behind these scams are taking advantage of millions of Americans who do not have and cannot afford regular health insurance. When these bogus plan creators refuse to compensate for the procedures they are supposed to cover, policyholders end up paying for both their medical bills and needless premiums for fake coverage. There are many criminals exploiting the confusion about health care reform. In some cases, people selling these plans are saying they work for the government. Many advertise using the television, faxes and emails. To...

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Understanding The HHS Rules For Essential Health Benefits

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  The HHS ruled to establish the future of insurance issuer standards and health insurance exchanges for actuarial value and essential health benefits under the PPACA. The final rule creates a plan for when federal facilitated exchanges should accredit qualified health plans. When the PPACA goes into full effect, insurance plans that were not grandfathered into the small and individual market must provide coverage of services or benefits in 10 categories. They must also show the scope of benefits a typical employer plan covers. Qualified health plans are designed to provide benefits that...

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Employers Continue Searching for Ways to Contain Dental Insurance Costs

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  Slightly more than half (54%) of Americans received some form of dental insurance coverage in 2002, according to a recent report from the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).  Cost increases for 2002 and 2003 once again outpaced inflation.  Expect this trend to continue as dental costs are projected to rise another 5% in 2004, according to HR consulting firm Towers Perrin.  In an effort to control costs, employers have continued to shift away from traditional indemnity and HMO dental plans as they search for more affordable ways to offer this desirable employee benefit. The main...

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Electronic Medical Records – A Mixed Blessing

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  We had great hopes. A series of revolutions in data management and processing in the 1990s and 2000s were combining to make huge reams of data cheaper and easier to store and manipulate than ever. Everything from scanners to bar codes to easy electronic data transmission to specialized software and even Windows seemed to promise to make it much easier to handle patient medical records – and more accurate in the process. The potential for human error, argued advocates of automation, would be greatly reduced or even eliminated, depending on the process. It sounded great back when Bill...

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Is It Better To Pay The PPACA Penalty Or Continue Offering Health Coverage?

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  When 2014 arrives, employers and their workers must be prepared for the changes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act brings. New laws will require employers with a workforce larger than 50 employees to either pay a penalty or offer medical coverage to employees. This is why it is important for employers to start making their plans as quickly as possible. Many employers have reported that this new law will increase their expenses, which will result in the need to reduce workers’ hours or lay off employees. Many employers are favoring the idea of eliminating their health...

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