Our technology solutions simplify back office work by providing online counselors to assist with self-enrollment using a web interface that is easy for your employees to use. With industry leading technology we help you offer and communicate a more robust benefits package that delivers higher employee satisfaction. Save your company money by using one of our self-service online enrollment system options.

Enrollment SoftwareEnrollment Software

The Enrollment Platform allows employees to access and enroll in all types of benefits from one place, online, anytime. The self-service system allows employees to make their benefit decisions in private. This allows for a less disruptive enrollment and eases the burden of scheduling individual enrollment meetings onsite.

Enrollment System

Benefit Management SystemBenefit Management System

The Benefit Management System allows employees to access and make changes in all types of benefits from one place, online, anytime. The platform presents information in a way that is easy to understand and aids employees in the process. This allows employees to make benefit decisions in the convenience and privacy of their own home, yet still have full customer support.

Benefit Management System