A balanced portfolio offers educators life, health, retirement, income, and specialty products. By packaging core offerings with employee paid products, you can enhance your benefits program and help employees fill the gaps in their coverage. They can simply select and pay for the protection they need.

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Products - LifeLife

Our life products help your employees get the financial protection they need at any stage in life without putting a strain on your organization’s bottom line.


Employers need an affordable solution to protect employees health, and stay competitive in attracting and retaining quality workers.

Income ProtectionIncome Protection

By incorporating our disability products into your absence management strategy you can reduce costs, while helping your employees meet their financial obligations.

Specialty ProductsSpecialty Products

If you’re looking to give specialized support to your employees, we have a few exclusive products you can offer. If you have a need not covered on this list, we can work with you to find the provider you need.


We can help you offer your employees quality retirement programs, while helping make the retirement plan administration simple. Retirement programs have become increasingly burdensome making it difficult to provide employees with additional benefits. IRS regulations require formal plan documentation and close oversight, which ties up resources and increases costs. We ease these burdens by providing the following administration services: Plan Installation, Compliance Services, Online Support, Employee Education, Consolidated Billing.

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