We are dedicated to implementing a well-organized enrollment plan that saves you time, money and resources. We work with you to determine which of our enrollment options will best meet your needs, because we know just taking an enrollment application won’t help anyone in the long run. Employees need to understand what services they are getting and why. Our enrollment process leads to higher program participation and improved employee satisfaction. Learn More >>

Learning Books3×3 Education

Before an enrollment begins we provide 3 forms of educational contact with your employees over 3 weeks. A well informed employee is more likely to participate than if simply told to show up for enrollment.

Enrollment MeetingsEnrollment Meetings

Providing employees the opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of an enrollment can cut down the amount of time HR spends answering questions after enrollment closes. Group meetings and webinars are a great forum for employees to ask specific questions not answered in previous material.

Benefit ElectionBenefit Election

Providing multiple election methods allows your company to conduct a minimally disruptive enrollment. This saves you resources because employees won’t lose hours during the workday making benefit elections. Also, employees like to be informed in person and make decision in private. By offering multiple election methods your employees can make important benefit choices in the format they are most comfortable.

How we improve employee benefit enrollments

through flexibility?