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Getting the Most Out of H.R.

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Most people aren’t used to thinking of their human resources effort as a revenue center. Most of us think of the process of HR as a necessary cost of doing business. But your HR effort has an ROI (return on investment), too, just like all your other departments. Yes, the numbers can be murky and results difficult to quantify. How do you segregate the numbers produced by people recruited and retained thanks to your HR department and the numbers you can attribute to the HR team themselves? Most smaller companies have trouble tracking these kinds of numbers. But thanks to the law of large...

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Critical Illness Insurance – Better Than Passing the Hat

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Most large organizations have gone through this: A valued employee or family member of an employee is diagnosed with a severe illness. Treatments are very expensive, and the employee may have to take significant time off work to undergo treatment or to care for and assist a family member. The family undergoes tremendous financial strain. And events like these frequently expose a hole in coverage. A disability policy may replace a fraction of the worker’s income – but expenses go up, not down, when the employee or family member is undergoing treatment. Friends and colleagues...

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CBG Speaks with Small Businesses about Healthcare Reform

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Chad Troutman, CBG’s Dir. of Marketing, spoke during the Small Business Summit hosted by the Birmingham Business Journal in Birmingham recently. He had the opportunity the help over 300 business and individuals gain a better understanding of how they should prepare for the changes Healthcare Reform brings. With so much confusion surrounding the implications of Healthcare Reform, his clear and interactive approach to the subject was well received by attendees. CBG and Chad appreciate everything small businesses do to help grow our community, and are thankful for the chance to...

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Why Consumer-Driven Health Plans are Gaining Favor

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The overall satisfaction level of people enrolled in consumer-driven medical plans is rising. However, the level is declining among people who have traditional plans. This finding was the result of a recent research project. While consumer-driven plans’ popularity rose, traditional plan members were still more likely than HDHP or CDHP enrollees to be happy with their benefit offerings and deductibles. This research also shows that some of these heightened satisfaction trends for consumer-driven plans may be fueled by people who are upset about paying more upfront for traditional plans....

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Health Insurance Exchange Programs Paired with DC Plans

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Employers’ desires to limit health insurance costs and the new federal health care reform legislation are both contributing factors in the increased interest of private health insurance exchanges and defined contribution benefit plans. Recent research revealed this finding. The report notes that reforms to the insurance market and rising costs for medical care have resulted in a heightened interest in placing limitations on health care cost exposure for employers. This is especially true of the health insurance exchange structure, which was defined in the 2010 Patient Protection and...

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