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7 Great Benefits that Employees Enjoy Tax Free

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When tax season arrives each year, employees everywhere are reminded of how much money is taken from their paychecks. Although some employees take advantage of group term life, tax-exempt HSAs or other benefits that are free of taxation, some do not. There are seven great tax-free benefits that help employers keep more money and also offer enticing deductibles. 1. Non-Cash Awards & Prizes There are only a few non-cash prizes that the Internal Revenue Service does not require employees to include in their income. One type is achievement awards for employees. If they are part of what the...

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Three Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

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Many consumers are hesitant to purchase coverage because of premium hikes applied to long-term care insurance and the disappearance of several trusted insurers from the market. However, the need for coverage remains. Recent research shows that the median cost of a private room in a nursing home exceeds $75,000. In addition to this, nursing home room rates are increasing by about 5 percent each year. Home care with 24-hour service calls is even more expensive. Not all individuals qualify for long-term care coverage. There are also people who simply do not want to buy the coverage. However,...

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Who is Your IRA Beneficiary?

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Do you have an IRA or a 401(k)? You probably do. You may have both of these retirement savings accounts in your portfolio, or accounts that are similar. While IRAs and 401(k)s are commonplace, many IRA owners and 401(k) plan participants have a hard time answering a common question. They aren’t sure who they have named as the account beneficiary. Who have you chosen to inherit those funds? Can you imagine what would happen if the money in your IRA or 401(k) went to someone you were estranged from? Or if your heirs found out that you never named a beneficiary in the first plac This occurs...

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Stand Above Other Employers with Unique Benefits

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Although high unemployment rates may be advantageous to employers, there is one important issue that may hamper their abilities to obtain the best employees. That issue is health benefits. Look at any company offering astounding benefits, and compare their turnover rates to those of companies with mediocre benefits. The results show a consistent advantage for employers with good benefits. Google and Lowe’s are well-known companies with many locations. Although their products are very different from one another, the one thing they have in common is unique health benefits. Google has one...

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Health Benefit Changes to Expect in the Near Future

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Healthcare cost increases are expected in the near future. However, many employers are pursuing measures to improve their employees’ health. Recent research shows that employers are also taking steps to manage the rising costs of medical plans. The recent survey found that health care costs are expected to rise by almost six percent. When compared with the average costs recorded five years ago, current numbers reflect an increase of 40 percent for employees. For employers, the increase was almost 35 percent. Since they must cover a larger share of costs than active employees, workers...

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